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The Punic Grimoire: Cadiz and the Goddesses, Part 2: Giving and Freedom are One

Liber was the God of Vineculture (Wine/Intoxication), and Liberty. The name Līber ('free') stems from Proto-Italic*leuþero, and ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *h₁leudʰero ('belonging to the people', hence 'free'). Libera is the Feminine Liberty Goddess, Magna Mater. The very Heiroglyph for "Gift", meaning "To Give without contract/purchase", not just like a Present for someone close but that also, is Punic Wax, or Saponified Wax. Soap. Symbolizing success in Carthaginian Culture, used as Paint. And Burned at Gades/Cadiz. This is the Egyptian Heiroglyph for T When held in a hand, it is the word "Give!" Or "To Present". When on the Head it is to the Egyptians a Symbol of Spirit, Soul, Creation, Reincarnation and the Sun. And at least one of the Women was a Midwife, trained at the Ancient Temple in Sais In Carthage they Symbolize success To us today it is like a Punic Wax Loaf, which could be made into Beeswax Candles, S

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