The Punic Grimoire: Cadiz and The Goddesses, Part 1; The Anthropomorphization of Blind Justice

While putting this together I realized many people don't know a few simple facts that will help all of this make sense. First, the European Land Mass, which hangs out with Sea on one side and Sea/Ocean on the other, where Spain almost Touches Morocco, the Strait of Gibraltar, this European Land Mass is called the Iberian Peninsula, or Iberia. This area is now Spain, Portugal and France, the Tribes that resided here were considered Barbarians and are now called Celtiberians. They were much like Native American Tribes with a Horse based Tribal culture with little need for Roman intervention to live their lives, an example would be the Gauls and others.

Hannibal Barca's Father, Hamiclar Barca established a Carthaginian Colony on the Iberian Peninsula, and began to "Civilize" the Celtiberians by creating alliances, fighting them into submission, and just generally going around introducing them to the Gods and Customs of Carthage, a Central one being Ba'al-Hammon, a God of Farming. You can see Cultures spreading Techniques with each other by seeing which Gods and Goddesses are adopted where. So Hannibal was raised in New Carthage, this new Carthaginian Colony, and some of the Ruling families in Carthage saw it as a Rogue Nation, while others accepted it as the Barcid Family expanding Carthage as the Magonids had Sicily. When Hannibal's Father died, the people of New Carthage told Carthage they wanted Hannibal to Rule New Carthage, Carthage accepted that and Hannibal sent boats full of Gifts from the Peninsula.

The Punics were at this time aligned with the Celtiberians, and founded Cadiz before the Romans destroyed Carthage. And when Carthage was destroyed Hannibal went to live in Southern Italy with Alexander the Great's descendant as an ally, and actually debated Scipio after Carthage was destroyed. And not all Carthaginians were Punic, Hannibal was Punic and his people were from around Tunisia, but there were Punic's elsewhere, and the Mythical Founder of Carthage, Queen Dido, was Punic. There is then the more general term "Phoenician" which was Carthage, many Punics, Tyre, Sicily, etc. Phoenicians created Greek, Arabic, the Hebrew Languages (their own native language is Semetic), and are basically the real story behind the Tower of Babbel, and were called "The Phoenix" by the Greeks. In Greek Mythology the Phoenix is the Phoenicians.

Hieroglyph R24 (nt), the bows which are bound together represent Peace, a treaty between 2 or more groups which at some point turned their weapons used for hunting against one another.

The bows bound together is significant in several ways, these are 2 weapons which are rendered useless, facing one another, to create a symbol. This is a symbol of Peace, they are also then bound together by the same symbol which is used to symbolize weaving, and neith R25. Neith can in the most simple terms be seen as the Fabric of Time, but is much more complex than that.

If we look at History, we could call Egypt the first Colonial Empire, followed by Macedonia, Rome, the Byzantine Empire, the Moorish Empire, the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, etc. Egypt having Territories in Europe 1,000 B.C. and earlier. There is a line that can be followed, from the Southern Kingdom of Egypt, to the Megarians via Arachne and Neith, Neith is the Goddess of the Southern Kingdom.

S3 (n)

This is also associated with the Phrygians, which is modern Turkey, and the Capital of Rome after Constantine at Constantinople. The Phrygian Cap is like the Red Crown of the Southern Kingdom of Egypt.

These concepts clearly come from each other, it is not clear which was first and both Egypt's region and Turkey have 10,000 year old Stonework and older. So this Red Hat on a Goddess who represents Liberty is Ancient Ancient and appears at all times throughout Human Civilization. And this is not something that should be brushed off as unresolvable.

Neith's sister is Bat, Bat is the Milky Way, so Egyptians in 3,000 B.C. understood the Milky Way Galaxy, and identified it with a dual dimensionality. Bat unified the 2 Kingdoms 2 in 1, United the banks of the Nile 2 in 1, etc. Neith is her Sister, and was an Aspect of Gravity, and the Fabric of Time. To the Egyptians these Godesses were very profound abstract real life phenomenon, which is what the Greek Titans are as well. All of these Godesses were combined in the Punic Carthaginian Pantheon into Tannit. In Egypt there are Bat, Neith and Ma'at, as well as others, in the Punic Pantheon there are fewer.

In Greece, Tannit and Neith are Arachne, and today Ma'at or Tannit can be seen in Lady Justice, or "Blind Justice". But the Greeks identified her as a Spider. If the sister of Bat, the Fabric of Time, an Aspect of Gravity, were a Spider, that shows that the Greeks themselves may at some point had some level of understanding of all of this. Which is not surprising because the Red Hat Goddess of Liberty appears in all of their Pantheons. It is likely Greeks thought Scarab beetles were spiders. If they were informed, they would have used the same name for it as they did Crawfish, and would have associated it with the Cancer Crab from Astrology.

She is the Statue of Liberty, it is not Green on Accident. The metal turning Green is Silpa Sastra.

The Red Crown is Beeswax. For the Phrygians it is made from a Fungus, and the Red Color is associated with Nature turning Red in the Winter. Leaves on Trees turn Red, Poinsettas turn Red and some Trees branch tips turn Red.

When beginning this analysis, you first feel like you want to look at Egypt as the way by which the concepts made their way to the Modern world and America, because of the Ptolemics and the Egyptian Empire, this position is bolstered by the fact that Carthage was destroyed by Rome. Egypt is also the most forefront in your existing knowledge, but Egypt actually now needs to become part of a mental Catelogue, with Rome, etc. Then look at Carthage, which by 250 B.C. had a larger trade Network than Egypt, they are the creators of the Crimson, Royal Blue and Tyrian Purple dies from Conch shells, they invented Clear glass, and had boats that could sail the Ocean and not just the Sea.

Then if you look at Hannibal Barca, who Worshipped Eshmun, who is Imhotep, and a Healer much like Jesus. He spread many customs through Rome, and Sicily was a Carthaginian Colony at that time. Then, further, those people at Carthage were sold in to Slavery, and Hannibal Barca had previously established New Carthage in modern Portugal, Spain, France area. Hannibal Barca's family created the city of Cadiz.

The Egyptians were more detailed than the Greeks, Romans and Carthaginian Punics in their Pantheons. The European Gods are more easily compared to the Carthaginian Gods, with the Egyptian Gods as a backdrop to expand on both. Then later, the Berbers, and the Barbary Pirates, and the Moorish Empire were involved in Capitalism, including the Slave Trade, and signing Treaties with America. So this then is directly imported to Colonial America by the Carthaginian Region.

So Blind Justice, is better defined as Tannit than Ma'at, though she is both.


The Megarians are the Worshippers of Arachne's Father, Arachne is Neith in the Egyptian Pantheon.

The following came from Wikipedia and gives a very bias view of the matter, I will explain

"The Megarian Decree was a set of economic sanctions levied upon Megara c. 432 BC by the Athenian Empire shortly before the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War. The ostensible reason for the decree was the Megarians' supposed trespass on land sacred to Demeter known as the Hiera Orgas, the killing of the Athenian herald who was sent to their city to reproach them and giving shelter to slaves who had fled from Athens.

In all likelihood, it was an act of revenge by the Athenians for the treacherous behaviour of the Megarians some years earlier. It may also have been a deliberate provocation towards Sparta on the part of Pericles, who was the sponsor of the decree.

The decree banned Megarians from harbours and marketplaces throughout the large Athenian Empire, which effectively strangled the Megarian economy. The sanctions would have also affected Megara's allies and may have been seen as a move by Athens to weaken its rivals and to extend its influence. The ban strained the fragile peace between Athens and Sparta, which was allied with the strategically located Megara."

The Megarians were a group on an Island, Worshipping a God who was a God because he knew he would die, and went anyway. Later, they founded Stoicism via Zeno.

If we look at the Megarians, they were a school of thought counter to our common idea that "Western Civilization" comes through Plato and Aristotle, after the death of Socrates who was the founder of their Philosophical studies, but was made to drink poison and describe it because he brought foreign Gods and "Corrupted the Youth", those Corrupted Youth being those Founding Western Philosophers.

Then Aristotle, was Alexander the Great's Teacher, so Aristotle became very powerful, and installed Tyrants, "Aristocrat" meaning "Rich Powerful class member" stems from Aristotles name. Aristotle got to define much of the Classical World, he was not some oppressed Genius, he was a Rich and Powerful Aid to Powerful people, and once Alexander was dead he did pretty much whatever he wanted. Some think he killed Alexander because he was adopting too many Eastern Customs.

So if we look at Aristotle, he does a lot of Lectures, and the Megarians are the main ones Arguing with him.

The way this is framed is that Aristotle sees Classes, while the Megarians make propositions of the Whole.

And the Athenians were the Rich Powerful Greeks, so they loved Aristotle who loved being loved in Athens. And when they Sanctioned the Megarians, the Megarians were a key to trade.

Neith is much more Important in the Egyptian African Pantheon, than Arachne is in the Greek Pantheon.

So we can see Arachne is not Greek, but a Greek Propaganda peice about Neith. Arachne is Greek Propoganda about Neith. Neith, Arachne, in the Greek Story, is turned into a spider cursed to weave forever because she said:

"The Gods do not treat the Mortals well"

Once Sanctions are applied, they then have Megarian Oligarchs run the imports, and then they get to a point of Desperation and kill some of the Greek Guard.

Then Athens attacks the Megarians, and Sparta attacks Athens.

"Weaving Spiders come not here" means that everyone should leave their business dealings outside of that place, and it comes from this History.

Many people think of Courts as a new thing, but there were Trials in Ancient Egypt, our scales of Justice are not abstractly similar to their scales of Justice, they are the same concept. And a great example can be found in the Transcript of the Eloquent Peasant. A Peasant is traveling with his Donkey loaded with stones, and herbs to sell, and along the road there is a cow, and on both sides fields. He walks around the Cow through the feild, and the owner of the Cow and fields comes out and takes all his property. He spends a few days at the man's property pleading for him to come out, saying he will buy it all back for 2x the price. The man refuses. So he then goes to the Court of the Regional Prince who says he mainly wants to get rid of thieves while he is Ruler, so he goes to the Prince explaining he was robbed, with a plea that explains to the Prince that he is lucky to have him there, and the Gods have allowed him to be there to administer Justice. He is ignored, but he is given a place to sleep and Food and Wine to Drink. He pleas about 10 more times, each time getting more and more frustrated. By the end he writes "I will plead about you to Anubis" ready to ask the Gods to damn the Prince's soul. At which time the Prince and King reveal that his writings were so eloquent, they just wanted him to keep writing and did not want to stop his writing before then, and at that time returned all his property to him.


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