Punic Wax: Zar, the Modern Religion of the Ancient Egyptian Gods

This is called Zar. It is a Religion that randomly just exists in North Africa and Arab Countries, spread by Slaves transported around Africa and Islamic Converts going to Mecca. When you first start to learn about it, it definitely sounds like Women are doing this to get Perfume, Clothes, etc. And every Anthropologist researching this tends to call it a bid for attention. Spirits posses in almost every case a Woman, who then gets sick or starts having other problems. The Shaman identifies the Zar, and it then must be treated luxuriously and the Woman is cured. But something very strange, each Zar has certain things it wants and colors it likes, etc. So not the whims of the Woman.

But there is something interesting about this. When learning about this, I did with the knowledge that the Carthaginian Gods had given me the Punic Wax recipes by Serendipity. About 2 weeks after I made my discovery, I found Egyptian Magic, a very similar Beeswax discovery related to Egypt and changed his name to Mr. AmonRaImhotep. I have been changing my name through the courts since July 2019, to Rev. Ryan Sasha-Shai Van Kush; Shai being the Egyptian God of Fate. Punic Wax is Saponified Beeswax, Egyptian Magic is Beeswax and Olive Oil. In the Ancient World they used the Punic Wax by placing it on top of their heads and letting it melt, many doing this had dreadlocks or wore wigs that would have the effect of creating steaming lines of Wax which dripped onto a White Shirt, Sheer White in Ancient Egypt. This would create a Dying effects from the Cinnamon, the Yellow from the Wax, and other plant materials and other Pigments added. This is also where the Red Wax Official Royal seals come from.

This also lines up with Phoenix Mythology, and it seems Zar come very commonly in Egypt, Aysitu & Azuzar are Isis and Osiris in the form of Zar and are 2 very common Zar. And when the Zar comes in English we say "Possessed", but they use the word "Covered" which lines up with the Egyptian concepts of a Soul. And when the whole ordeal is over, the Zar becomes the Woman's protector, and she becomes a devotee.

I am not saying any of this for sure means anything, more research needs to be done, and it is illegal most places where it happens, so it is a secret usually. But this is the way by which most Religions spread. Just as an example, the Christian Cross protecting you from Vampires was a way to convert people, Catholics would even go so far as to use dirty tricks to convert people by splitting Potatoes and giving them to Native Americans. And when those Natives who converted got Potatoes, it had some of the core in it (stem cells) so it could Root. The Natives who kept their Religion got peices that wouldn't Root.

To solve problems with the Egyptian Gods seems like the correct process by which they would continue to exist and spread, and could be done in the United States and elsewhere. I would also point to Dr. Ben the Egyptologist, as well as pictures of the Punic Wax ceremonies carved in the Heiroglyphs, which are attended by almost exclusively Dark Skinned people.

I will soon  be using Calcium Hydroxide/Edible Lime and Tumeric Root to make Red Kumkuma, then using that to make Red Wax. Kumkuma is used to make the Hindu Red Dots.

I will then start showing people how to make various things with Beeswax using Recipes from the Library of Alexandria via Galen and from the Egyptian Sacred Perfume Recipes, called Kyphi.


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