Introduction to Understanding of Ancient Mysteries

I am going to explain how my method of Historical digging works. So first, we start with something as generally recognizable as the Liberty Pole, or Phrygian Cap. We have seen in before in American Revolutionary and French Art, so we can start to look back. The French Revolution inspired ours, and France sent Algerian soldiers with Red Hats to help the Americans. We can keep looking back and see Cesar is killed and a Liberty Pole is held up.

We learn about Assassins, Hashashins, the Senate seal, our own founding fathers knew about this. And why wouldn't they, Santa has a Phrygian Cap and so does St. Nicholas. Everyone has Red Floppy Hats everywhere in December.

Then we look into Phrygia, Anatolia, we see Cherries, Roses, various of these important Red objects. If we keep going we find Liber, Libera, Cybelle, etc.

Now, we also, maybe before that, find the Phrygian Flood Myth, and Nannac, a name not extremely different than Noah. We learn this was the King of Phrygia. If we want we can also realize that the Bible tells us that Noah landed in this area at Mt. Arrat and the Armenians believe themselves to be the descendants. In fact the Armenians have had a lot of History stolen from them around there, and were the first Nation to declare Christianity their State Religion in the Ancient World. The Capital, Yerevan, is older than the City of Rome and this is the Caucus Mountain region, the supposed origin of White People.

We can then see that King Midas was king here too, much later. And that Alexander the Great became Emporer of this region by cutting in half a knot King Midas had tied there, the Gordian Knot. So we can see that this is not just a story important to the Flood Myths, but that was a big deal to the Entire Ancient World. There is also then the Greek Deluge Myth that is similar.

And from this point we can now look at Greek, Christian, and other Flood Myths, with our knowledge of this significance, which is still today thought to be the location of Noah's Ark, and we can start to figure out what happened with a larger understanding. So you are starting with a Societal Phenomenon identifiable today, Tracing its History, getting Geographical and Mythological information, then working to figure out:

1. Why we all have it today

2. What they were all saying about it then

Hercules comes from Zeus turning into a bird and having sex with someone against their will, only 1 time in his myths does he actually turn into a bird and the woman wants him. But these are Metaphors and Propaganda about Foreign Goddesses and Queens, to encourage Greeks/Romans.

So Hercules then, becomes another Foreign God to be examined, then compared to the Greek version. If we compare Melqart and Hercules, and their other counterparts in other Pantheons, we can then learn a broader story.

The way I put it is that there is "Some Truth in the History, the same way we say there is some Truth in Myths". If we see that Polybius was really the first Historian, and if we look at how in Australia the Aboriginies mix History and Myth we can see how Myth tells a History.

And look at the Titans. Theia makes it the clearest. Theia is the shine in Gold and Silver, or Marbel, or something Wet, it is called Theia.

To get a good starting Framework read this


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