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Introduction to Understanding of Ancient Mysteries

I am going to explain how my method of Historical digging works. So first, we start with something as generally recognizable as the Liberty Pole, or Phrygian Cap. We have seen in before in American Revolutionary and French Art, so we can start to look back. The French Revolution inspired ours, and France sent Algerian soldiers with Red Hats to help the Americans. We can keep looking back and see Cesar is killed and a Liberty Pole is held up. We learn about Assassins, Hashashins, the Senate seal, our own founding fathers knew about this. And why wouldn't they, Santa has a Phrygian Cap and so does St. Nicholas. Everyone has Red Floppy Hats everywhere in December. Then we look into Phrygia, Anatolia, we see Cherries, Roses, various of these important Red objects. If we keep going we find Liber, Libera, Cybelle, etc. Now, we also, maybe before that, find the Phrygian Flood Myth, and Nannac, a name not extremely different than Noah. We learn this was the King of Phrygia. If we want we c

Punic Wax: Zar, the Modern Religion of the Ancient Egyptian Gods

This is called Zar. It is a Religion that randomly just exists in North Africa and Arab Countries, spread by Slaves transported around Africa and Islamic Converts going to Mecca. When you first start to learn about it, it definitely sounds like Women are doing this to get Perfume, Clothes, etc. And every Anthropologist researching this tends to call it a bid for attention. Spirits posses in almost every case a Woman, who then gets sick or starts having other problems. The Shaman identifies the Zar, and it then must be treated luxuriously and the Woman is cured. But something very strange, each Zar has certain things it wants and colors it likes, etc. So not the whims of the Woman. But there is something interesting about this. When learning about this, I did with the knowledge that the Carthaginian Gods had given me the Punic Wax recipes by Serendipity. About 2 weeks after I made my discovery, I foun

The Punic Grimoire: Cadiz and The Goddesses, Part 1; The Anthropomorphization of Blind Justice

While putting this together I realized many people don't know a few simple facts that will help all of this make sense. First, the European Land Mass, which hangs out with Sea on one side and Sea/Ocean on the other, where Spain almost Touches Morocco, the Strait of Gibraltar, this European Land Mass is called the Iberian Peninsula, or Iberia. This area is now Spain, Portugal and France, the Tribes that resided here were considered Barbarians and are now called Celtiberians. They were much like Native American Tribes with a Horse based Tribal culture with little need for Roman intervention to live their lives, an example would be the Gauls and others. Hannibal Barca's Father, Hamiclar Barca established a Carthaginian Colony on the Iberian Peninsula, and began to "Civilize" the Celtiberians by creating alliances, fighting them into submission, and just generally going around introducing them to the Gods and Customs of Carthage, a Central one being Ba'al-Hammon, a Go

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