Shaligram [SHG] - Religious Asset Distribution

Shaligram is a Tokenized Crypto Asset launched on the STEEM Blockchain using Steem-Engine. These Tokens will be distributed in Airdrops, Bounties and Charitably, and will eventually be used as a means of exchange for Religious Materials. By holding Shaligram you are in possession of a part of the Punic Wax Project.

 Here is the market


Our goal is to raise Capital within the STEEM community to uplift the Hindu community and other Religious communities, internationally. As well as fund Outreach, Events, and Charitable Projects.

1. Our first goal will be to build within the Steemit community, so as to create a base of Capital within a number of Steemit Communities and Facebook groups.

2. We will then begin to launch parallel Tokens, Bitshares Assets, Ethereum EIP 1167 Tokens, an Ethereum Clone or Fork and a Graphene Blockchain running

3. We will then work to create our own exchange, and various other Blockchain related Tools alongside our Tokens and Blockchains

Shaligram will be distributed to active users within the PunicWax based Communities and Facebook groups via their Steemit usernames, which are attached to their Steem-Engine Trading Platform Account. We hope to inspire other Religious Organizations, Charities, Businesses, Websites, etc, etc.


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