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The Punic Grimoire: Visions, Dream Work, Tibetan Dream Yoga Intro, Divination and Healing

  "Buriat shaman's mirror from Batshireet, Mongolia, 2007. The Tibetan letters read Om, ah, hum, hri, with the central letter tran, a tantric formula used by Buddhists, for example to transform the ten impure elements into ambrosia. (Photo 2007: Rebecca Empson.)...  shamans' mirrors, and mirrors in general, have two quite different sides, one reflecting images and the other a dull blank or imagined as a teeming other world. It is argued that, for shamanists, the far side of themirror is conceived as the world of the dead, which is populated by spirits. Living people can, in certain circumstances such as divination, see `through' the mirror into that world, and shamans when interacting with spirits in trance place themselves inside it. Two different perspectives, of the living and of the souls/spirits, are thus produced. " - The idea

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