Western Medicine and Ancient Magic; or, Western Medicine is Ancient Magic

For at least a thousand years, stills have been used in Perfumery, and short path stills are common practice. And these practices are considered High Educational Organic Chemistry, when it is simple do it at Home Perfumery and Alchemy type work.
Short Path Still
 Closed Loop CO2

Some people seem to think Medicine went straight from Earth, Wind, Water and Fire based healing and Bloodletting with holedrilling in heads to stop headaches, to Pills. As if Herbs were the bad medicine we got away from. But it was actually much more complicated than that and it didn't even really go in a straight line, and Herbs weren't the problem. Most of the bad medicine of the past we think of wasn't even invented until the Dark Ages or right before. For example, Hippocrates invented Chiropracty in Ancient Greece then his tables and devices were reimagined to create all the torture devices used by Kings and Queens. People seem to think Herbal remedies are random, but Herbs are the Pills. Once Herbal interaction in the Human body was understood (after lots of people died eating poison, or got rashes, etc) that is where Medicine started.

Imhotep was first, 5,000 years ago, around 3,000 B.C. Imhotep invented Pyramids, Columns, Stairs, Surgery and Medicine. He stated that Medicine only works "with the proper incantation" which is to say that the Placebo Effect, which is real and there is no argument about if you can be healed by the Placebo effect (it works), must be activated for Medicine to work. An Incantation is a Poem or other set of words used to bring about a Magical action. He also removed Wood from people's bodies, and preformed other Surgeries. When he died his Temple was basically the first Hospital, where people would come from far and wide to find cures. One person brought his dying mother, and he claimed to see Imhotep's ghost who said he would show him how to heal his mother if he would write a book for him to retain his wisdom in the Temple, and after she was healed he wrote the book which was at the Temple for a long time. Around 1,000 B.C. and into A.D. Imhotep became an Egyptian God in his Temple.

Then there was Eshmun, who was the Phoenician Imhotep. When Imhotep became a God his image spread to other Cultures, people began to travel for healing, creating places of healing (Hospital type Temples), and found healing springs, etc.
Then as Imhotep reached Greece, they didn't want him to be Black, so they made Asclepius. Asclepius is Imhotep, and his Temple, the Asclepion, was the forerunner of the modern Hospital. The Caduceus was originally the Asclepius Rod with a Snake around it, the Hermes one is now used which is a symbol of Commerce. They would induce Dreams and the goal was for Gods to give visions to the sick about how to heal them and if it didn't work they would give people Opium and put them under to perform surgery.
Then there were Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Hippocrates. This is kind of where Earth, Wind, Water and Fire comes from. During the time of Socrates they had some idea of herbal medicines, they made Socrates drink poison and describe it for them as he died; and Hippocrates wrote the Hippocratic oath that is said today. But Hippocrates was really the main Medical one, and the other's Philosophies were translated into some of the Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

Then Jesus and his healing and the people coming long distances to him. Then there was Galen, who wrote the first Pharmacoepedia of Herbal remedies. This was basically a Perscription guide for healers.
In India there is Ayurveda which is a type of Preventative Medicine "an apple a day keeps the Doctor away", you have 7 layers of Health including Food, Herbs, etc. Yoga is Ayurveda. It is basically Hindu Religious medicine, and they clearly had an understanding of Phytochemicals. India has been making dyes, and smells for thousands and thousands of years, it was a Center of Trade for Ancient Spices, and was a Center of Medical studies like that of the Chakras, which were developed by cutting open dead bodies and comparing that with Health.

In China there was Chinese Medicine being made, by Emporers and Healers seeking various things from Immortality to Pain relief. And you can see looking at their medicine that they had an understanding of the effects of the Molecules in the plants, even made Teas and other extracts. This is a Chinese herbal blend clearly targeting CYP and other Liver enzymes. But in 2020 we still hardly understand this form of medicine. Yet here is an ancient Potion that is clearly designed to effect enzymes.
Sho-saiko-to or “Xiao Chai Hu Tang” is a plant formula that is a mixture of 7 botanicals: Bupleurumroot (Chai hu), Pinellia tuber (Ban xia), Scutellaria root (Huang qin), Ginseng (Ren shen), Jujube (da zao), Licorice (Gan cao), and Ginger (Sheng jiang).
Another part of how Pharmacology has gotten to where it is now. We think of Lab Rats as modern tools, but throughout history. For literally Thousands and Tens of Thousands of years as Homo Sapiens, even Neanderthals, Denisovans, maybe even so far back as Lucy, because this is basic. You don't have to see another Human being eat a berry and die to have questions about those berries. The Chukchi people who use Reindeer like Oxen, Horses and Donkeys, watch the Reindeer eat Amanita Muscaria mushrooms. The science behind it is that the Reindeer Decarboxylizes the Ibotenic Acid into Muscimol. The Chuckchi people didn't know what the word Decarboxylize meant, but they started collecting the urine of Reindeer who had eaten the Mushrooms and drinking it to avoid the negative side effects of Ibotenic Acid.
A crow can watch a person or animal do something and try to repeat it, they have a Neocortex and can actually think up procedures with tools and repeated steps to do things. Dogs and Cats have enhanced senses of smell, and cats have an obvious affection for cat nip. Birds are selective when picking sticks and grass for nests. Throughout History, before Fire even existed, we have been watching other Animals to see how things work. We now have alienated ourselves, a way from Nature and as Humans consider nature to be "out there" but we got where we are by learning from Animals. The wheel may have been invented by the Dung Beetle tens of thousands of years ago, when we scaled it up, eventually thinned it out, and then made it spoked, and spoked wheels and the concept of those branches holding up the frame solidly became a metaphor and spread as a Religion as the spoked Wheel spread around 5,000-10,000 BC being compared to the planets, and cycles, eventually creating the Calendar and Time and Boat sails, Rudders and steering, and then Machinery.
This all comes from watching Animals, and Nature. Science is not some Alien pursuit, it is simple observation and testing. Even today the highest standard in Medicine available is to inject a rat until it dies to find the overdose range called EC50 and then test humans with the Medicine against the Placebo effect (defined as the body creating immune responses and cures due to belief one has been given to the person a.k.a. Magic). That is Science.


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