The Punic Grimoire: Cadiz and the Goddesses, Part 2: Giving and Freedom are One

Liber was the God of Vineculture (Wine/Intoxication), and Liberty. The name Līber ('free') stems from Proto-Italic*leuþero, and ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *h₁leudʰero ('belonging to the people', hence 'free'). Libera is the Feminine Liberty Goddess, Magna Mater. The very Heiroglyph for "Gift", meaning "To Give without contract/purchase", not just like a Present for someone close but that also, is Punic Wax, or Saponified Wax. Soap. Symbolizing success in Carthaginian Culture, used as Paint. And Burned at Gades/Cadiz. This is the Egyptian Heiroglyph for T When held in a hand, it is the word "Give!" Or "To Present". When on the Head it is to the Egyptians a Symbol of Spirit, Soul, Creation, Reincarnation and the Sun. And at least one of the Women was a Midwife, trained at the Ancient Temple in Sais In Carthage they Symbolize success To us today it is like a Punic Wax Loaf, which could be made into Beeswax Candles, S


The Punic Grimoire: Shulgin's 10 Essential Oils

Sasha Shulgin is representative of the God who plays with Poisons and Cures, he invented "Tasting" where he would personally invent and test a new substance, in the Micrograms like LSD but starting even lower than LSD, then higher and higher until he found the active Dose. Then sharing it with Volunteers. Sasha Shulgin was inventing Somas, Soma is considered to be a Drink made for and by the Gods, which can also be consumed by Humans. Soma is a Sanskrit word, a 4,500+ year old Word from 2500 BC or Earlier. Sasha Shulgin died in 2014, and is not only the inventor of many Somas, but particularly a well known Soma called Ecstasy, and it was Psychiatrically Legal for Relationship therapy until people started abusing it. It is made from Sassafras or Piperidine. Abuse, as a word in and of itself, being Ab-Use, implies there is an Accepted Use. Otherwise you wouldn't say the "Abuse" was bad, you would just say "Use" is bad. And Ecstasy, MDMA, has a use. But S

Punic Wax: Gods and Alchemy in the Modern World

If you live in 3,000 B.C. and any period between then and Jesus, and you were a goat herder and a shepherd offering the flock for sin, or chasing and worshiping horses, or War, and someone comes with Wax in their hair, smelling like Myrrh and Cinnamon, trading blocks of something between a Candle and Soap, that is also Paint if you melt it. You might even have Cinnamon and Beeswax side by side and not understand. That is what we didn't understand until December 2019 and was proven by an Archaeological discovery, that I only saw 3 months ago after Serendipitously being given the Ancient concept of Punic Wax a week before that. Punic Statues with Punic Wax depicted on their heads, and Serapis (the Greek Apis) with a similar object that symbolizes success. Punic Wax and the Apis Sun disk are likely the Origins of the Christian Halo imagery with Angels and Saints. This is Tannit with Beeswax in her hair like gel or to make dreadlocks and Punic Wax on her head People l

The Anthropology of Punic Wax

 Flinders Petrie was an Archaeologist who discovered the rules and procedure for various Egyptian board games. He also discovered that Wax and Metal blobs around everywhere in Egypt were actually weights, used to Calibrate the scales. I am now expanding on that information given the discovery of the Egyptian headcones, and the Paintings of the feasts and the headcones, as well as Flinder's Wax Discoveries, and the concept of Punic Wax which is currently used in Encaustic Painting, but is so much more than that. 2 Samuel 5:11 "Now Hiram king of Tyre sent envoys to David, along with cedar logs and carpenters and stonemasons, and they built a palace for David." According to Masonic Tradition, Masonry had been a Slave Art, and they were the Free and Accepted Masons, like a Union, and were able to set prices instead of working for a Sovereign. And they would mark their work with a Signature of some kind and would at the end of the day use their Handshake to retri

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